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What Are the Benefits of Going Green With Eco-Friendly Cars?

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

Hybrid and all-electric cars are becoming a mainstream reality. Electric cars have engines that run on electricity and do not require gasoline. Hybrid cars use electricity for short distances and gasoline for long drives and high speeds. These eco-friendly cars come with many advantages to the consumers.

Fuel Costs

The most obvious benefit of owning a hybrid or electric car is the increase in fuel costs. Owning either one will result in fewer trips to the gas pump. These savings really add up over time. A hybrid car will save the driver about 38 percent in fuel in the city and 19 percent on the highway. The only cost in fueling an electric car is the electricity to charge the battery.

Energy Security

Oil is a limited resource, meaning it will eventually run out and become unavailable. An electric car takes this worry away because it does not depend on gasoline at all. A hybrid will use a lot less gas than a traditional engine. An owner of a hybrid can feel confident in knowing they are saving this precious resource.

Tax Benefits

The government offers a tax deduction for buying an eco-friendly car. This is to encourage more people to consider choosing a more environmentally friendly option when buying their next car.

Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Carbon and sulfur emissions are greatly reduced in hybrid cars and eliminated altogether in electric cars. Reducing toxic emissions means cleaner air and a healthier environment. By using biodiesel or ethanol in place of gasoline for hybrid cars, drivers can reduce their vehicle’s toxic emissions by as much as 97 percent.

Faster Commuting Times

To increase the incentives for buying an eco-friendly car, major highways are beginning to add lanes that are designated for use only by these cars. As these cars become more popular, it is likely we will see more of these lanes available. Some places are also beginning to designate close, or even free, parking spaces.

Power Efficiency

Materials used in eco-friendly cars weigh less than traditional ones, meaning they maneuver and handle easier. Because they run on electricity, they can operate and function well at any speed. Power is consistent whether driving at high or low speeds. They do not need a transmission to make the engine run at full power, even at lower speeds, like gas-powered engines.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cars: Why Go Eco?

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

Although many Americans still love their SUVs and trucks – so much so that the lack of fuel efficiency is accepted as inevitable – the harsh reality of high gas prices has caused an increased interest in hybrid and eco-friendly cars. While eco-friendly cars such as the Toyota Prius were once on the outskirts of society and hardly appreciated for their benefits, such vehicles have become undeniably mainstream.

But it’s not just smart marketing that is causing hybrids to go from misunderstood to mainstream. Instead, it’s the undeniable range of advantages these vehicles offer that has finally caused society’s views to shift. But what exactly are the benefits of eco-friendly cars, other than being a part of a hot new trend? The list is quite comprehensive.

The most obvious advantage of eco-friendly cars vs. traditional cars is that the former provide significantly superior fuel efficiency. This means that for every tank of gas you fill with an eco-friendly car, you may get three to four times as many miles out of it than with a traditional care. Depending on what car you’re switching over from, the difference can be stunning; a particularly efficient hybrid, eco-friendly model may offer an EPA-estimated 100 miles per gallon, while a typical truck will provide 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway.

Such a substantial difference in fuel efficiency can save you a massive amount on gas expenditures, particularly at a time when gasoline is so expensive. Another benefit of the increased fuel efficiency is that you will be able to save more time by reducing the amount of times you have to stop and fill up. These trips to the gas station can often lead to unplanned purchases in the gas station mini-mart, which can also add up over time. Trips to the gas station can also take you out of your way, adding more miles and increasing your fuel needs.

Eco-friendly cars are also advantageous because they produce much lower levels of emissions than other vehicles. This not only helps improve the air quality of the earth, benefiting society in general, but can also be a relief for you and your passengers. When you’re stopped at lights or stop signs, harmful emissions from non-hybrid cars can directly affect your passengers. Because of the harmful health effects of these emissions, it’s best to eliminate any exposure.

These are just some of the many benefits of eco-friendly cars; further research will reveal many more valuable traits.

What Are the Benefits to Owning an Eco Friendly Car?

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

One thing that has certainly gotten a lot of press over the past several years is the introduction of more eco friendly vehicles. Primarily these are electric vehicles and hybrid cars. There are plenty of good reasons why to purchase an eco friendly car. They can benefit the environment, national security as well as the driver’s bottom line.

First and foremost is the lessened impact such vehicles have on the environment. The great majority of the scientific community agrees that global warming is being caused by too much carbon being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. The largest portion of this carbon is produced by the burning of fossil fuels in gasoline.

If human beings simply used less gasoline for transportation purposes, this could stave off global warming. Many plant and animal species could be saved from going extinct if this were the case. Polar bears in Antarctica are especially at risk of being killed off by global warming melting the polar ice caps.

However, the benefits of such vehicles go far beyond just environmental concerns. A lesser dependence on gasoline due to the use of more eco friendly cars could also result in a much more nationally secure United States.

The reasons for this are simple. If the US used less fossil fuels, there would be less need for intervention into the affairs of Middle Eastern countries that have large oil reserves. This could mean never having to fight another war in the Middle East again. Both wars in Iraq were certainly heavily influenced by the amount of oil in the region.

It could also mean lessening the power of unstable Middle Eastern regimes. For example, if Iran had far less income from the sale of its oil, this would mean it would have less money to spend on its military and the development of nuclear weapons. It could also result in a stronger US economy that would be less impacted by fluctuations in the price of oil.

Lastly, using a more eco friendly car is simply a better investment. With soaring gas prices, significantly lowering the amount a person has to purchase at the pump can save thousands a year. There are also other monetary incentives. In the federal tax code, tax credits are usually included for the purchase of eco friendly vehicles such as electric or hybrid cars. This could mean greatly lowered income taxes or even a tax refund.

Make Your New Car an Eco-Friendly One

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

It’s no secret that driving a car is getting more and more costly by the day. Gas prices continue their steady climb, making every mile a painful one for your wallet. Some workers have found that their daily commute eats into their paycheck so badly that other excursions like going on a vacation or driving down to see family have become rare luxuries. There is also the increasing concern over the amount of pollution and waste that comes with billions of cars being driven every day. If you’re feeling these pressures mounting and are in the market for a new car, there is good news. There are eco-friendly cars for sale that could save both the environment and your wallet.

An eco-friendly car is any vehicle that relies on alternative energy sources to power itself. There are several different sources of alternative fuel, and it’s up to you to decide which is best for your family. Hybrid cars run on a combination of battery power and gasoline. They’re the most common eco-friendly cars, but also the least efficient at cutting down on gas emissions. Electric cars are somewhat rarer, but by running off of pure electricity they leave literally no footprint. Some electric cars are also hybrids. Finally, some vehicles run off of other fuels such as ethanol, hydrogen or biodiesel.

Purchasing and driving an eco-friendly car achieves several things. First, you’re helping to prove that there is a market for such vehicles, which will increase availability and decrease future costs. Second, you will no longer be a slave to the escalating costs of gasoline. Third, you can drive every day with the knowledge that you have done something to help the Earth. New eco-friendly vehicles are stylish, sporty and fully road capable. With each passing generation, the range of these cars continues to expand, as do the number of charging stations. Many green vehicles are a bit more expensive than their gas-guzzling counterparts, but there are federal and state rebates and incentives that can defray any additional costs.

Many scholars and politicians understand that our reliance on gasoline is a serious weakness. It’s estimated that we have already hit our peak oil production and are now in for a long and steady decline. Don’t do yourself the disservice of buying a new, gas-consuming vehicle when the price of gas is likely to spike within the next decade. Support eco-friendly cars and become a member of the new wave, sweeping in a much-needed shift in the automobile industry.

Green Car, Green Wallet, Green Planet

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

A lot of people find the prospect of a new car something to get excited about. However, choosing the kind of car that best fits your life can be tedious. Do you want a a conventional car, or should you go with one of those popular “green” models? Each has their own benefits and downfalls, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that an eco-friendly car may serve you and the planet best overall. Here are some of their benefits.

Save Money on Gas

It seems as though the price of gasoline just keeps spiraling further out of control. The national average currently hangs at around $3.76 per gallon and is expected to increase. In some states, people can pay nearly $5.00 a gallon. This makes driving a conventional automobile a costly habit, especially if you live far from your work, school or grocery store.

Save Money on Insurance

Out of all the ways to save money on insurance one of the least known ways is owning a green car. Yes there are several companies that will give you a decent discount for driving a car that is friendly to the environment. Some of the companies are Travelers Insurance Company, Auto Insurance Rate Quotes, and Kanetix Insurance.

Preserve Resources

Because an eco-friendly car doesn’t use as much gasoline, driving one helps to reduce the amount of crude oil that needs to be turned into fuel. Furthermore, reducing the use of petroleum reduces the incidence of oil spills, habitat destruction and oil field fires. Less gas also means less exhaust. Everyone gets to enjoy cleaner air and waterways, as well as less pollutants in food crops. Choosing a green automobile can even help to prevent global warming by not contributing as much to the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Free Money

The government has promised a tax rebate of up to $3,000 for people who choose a hybrid car over a conventional one. The main complaint people have about these cars is that they usually come with a hefty price tag, so this can really help make the purchase more worthwhile to consumers. However, you should be aware that not all green cars qualify for the tax cut, so make sure you find out before hand.

Foreign Dependence

The United States produces some of its own oil, but it is not enough to keep up with the demand. As a result, the country relies heavily on oil imported mainly from the Middle East. Unfortunately, the more gasoline you use, the more the government gets the message that it’s okay. Buying a hybrid vehicle can drastically reduce the need for foreign oil, especially from hostile regions.

Making a Statement

The more people put their wallets behind eco-friendly technologies, the more government and businesses will pay attention. This sends the message that the populous places significant value upon a clean, healthy environment. Because of this, government will implement beneficial policies and businesses will work harder to meet the demand for green products.

Eco Cars: Good for the Owner and the Planet

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

Global warming and carbon foot prints dominate the daily news. From melting polar caps to warmer winters global warming is seen as a very serious problem. So it’s no surprise that nearly every company is pushing it’s latest eco friendly product. Everything from low energy refrigerators to new light bulbs are being touted as things you can purchase to do your part to fight global warming . Cars that are environmentally friendly are among the most popular of these products. But what exactly is an eco friendly car, and what are the benefits of owning one?
Eco friendly cars are vehicles that are electric, hybrids, or use other alternatives to gasoline, including ethanol.
Electric cars run on batteries, not combustion engines, so there are no harmful emissions. Electric cars are very economical, as a typical electric vehicle only costs between two and four cents per mile to run. Electric cars can also be charged anywhere there is an outlet.
A much more common vehicle than the totally electric car is what is know as a hybrid. These vehicles utilize both the combustion engine as well as electric power. Many of the benefits are the same as the purely electric vehicle, saving money and lower emissions, but the hybrid brings a level of practicality as well. Many potential owners of electric cars site the fear of running the charge out and being stranded as the main reason they have not purchased an electric vehicle. However, with a hybrid, if the charge empties the combustion engine will kick in.
Ethanol powered cars are also a viable option when it comes to eco friendly vehicles. Ethanol is made mostly of corn, so the advantage of cleaner emissions is once again present. The ethanol powered car also benefits the economy, as it uses the produce of local farmers.
The biggest benefit of eco friendly cars is one geared towards the planet, not just the owner of the vehicle. Lower emissions and better mileage are great ways to reduce ones carbon footprint. With global warming continuing to be the number one problem facing us going forward, it’s taking steps like manufacturing eco friendly cars that will be needed to combat the problem.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cars

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

These days, almost everybody is looking at ways to keep our planet healthier. Sustainability is a hot topic in politics and daily life. Companies are paying attention and making products that allow customers to save money and help save the planet at the same time. One example of this is the wave of eco-friendly cars being targeted at environmentally-minded drivers. The two main options for eco-friendly cars are hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles.

Hybrids are vehicles that use less fuel by storing energy in a battery. In stop-and-go and slow traffic, these cars use the electric motor more than the gasoline engine. While coasting, the car begin running off of the electric motor again and also uses the energy from the wheels to charge the battery. This all means fewer emissions and less pollution, resulting in a smaller contribution to global warming. Consumers who drive hybrid vehicles also save money on gas, often getting more than twice as much mileage out of their gasoline.

Auto companies such as Honda, Toyota and Ford have listened to consumers’ demands and produced models that offer excellent performance. This has given a real overhaul to the reputation of hybrid vehicles, and drivers who used to swear they’d never drive a hybrid are now buying them. Even companies famous for high-performance sports cars are getting in on the action, such as Porsche, who are already making hybrid engines with huge power. However, for the purpose of reducing emissions, models with smaller engine capacity such as the Toyota Prius can’t be beat.

Flex-fuel vehicles are another eco-friendly option. These cars can run off of regular gas as well as E85, a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% regular gas. Unfortunately, E85 gives poorer fuel efficiency and its availability is spotty. One benefit of flex fuel is that by reducing our immediate dependency on petroleum, it encourages longer-term advances in environmentally-friendly cars.

Eco-friendly vehicles are becoming more popular all the time. Gas prices are only going to increase as petroleum becomes scarcer, and environmental concerns are sure to grow as well. More and more, consumers are asking how to choose the best hybrid vehicle. One of the biggest things to consider is how long and at what speeds the vehicle will be used each day. For commutes that are very long or involve traveling at high speeds for extended periods, vehicles with higher-capacity batteries are best.

Money Saving Eco Friendly Vehicles

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

Eco friendly vehicles are intended to cause as little harm to the environment as possible with cleaner and fewer emissions. Fewer emissions means that Eco friendly vehicles feature more efficient gas mileage. With gas prices on the rise, having a car that can drive far on a tank of gas is of high importance. Eco friendly vehicles can save drivers a lot of money in the long run due to their efficiency and reliability.

Many Eco friendly vehicles can drive over thirty miles on a gallon of gas. Compared to vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, this mileage will add up to a lot of savings. Trucks and SUVs often struggle to average more than fifteen to twenty miles per gallon of gas. This consumption comparison means that Eco friendly vehicles may require drivers to spend less than half of the gas money that drivers of trucks and SUVs must spend.

Eco friendly vehicles are more efficient on gasoline because of their lighter body weight and smaller engines. Large engines in trucks and SUVs require more fuel to operate, and more gas is used during processes such as acceleration in larger engines. In contrast, smaller engines are often able to accelerate more gradually and burn less gas in the process. Smaller engines also consume less gas while sitting idle, meaning time spent at stoplights and stop signs will not burn up tremendous amounts of gas.

The gas savings that result from Eco friendly cars can make living expenses much more manageable. Drivers of Eco friendly vehicles often have less trouble paying their monthly bills compared to drivers of larger vehicles. In addition, money can be saved up from using an Eco friendly car which can result in being able to buy a newer car in the future. Gasoline is extremely important for everyday life, but its high costs can put people in financial binds if they do not drive Eco friendly vehicles. For drivers with trucks and SUVs, consideration should be taken regarding purchasing an Eco friendly vehicle. The gas savings that will result from using the new Eco friendly car will make up for its purchase cost in very little time.